About Us

We designed ProWritingAid for professional authors who wanted to improve their manuscript before sending it to their editors.

Nowadays ProWritingAid’s users come in many flavors, from best-selling authors to indie writers, from professional copy-editors to rookie bloggers, and from business experts to struggling students. There is a ProWritingAid report for every writer.

We've even been told that Stephen King uses ProWritingAid, but we haven’t been able to confirm this.
(If you happen to meet him at a party, please ask.) We do know that he, like us, is not a fan of adverbs!

But we're not stopping there. Artificial Intelligence is pushing the boundaries of what computers can do with language. Our team has some of the leading experts in the fields of natural language processing and writing technology. We're continually researching ways to make life easier for writers. If you have a great idea for the next killer feature, please get in touch. Maybe you can help us to make it into a reality. We might even name it after you!

Thanks to all of our loyal fans who have supported us on this crazy journey to create the best editing tool possible. We're sure that there are many more plot twists to come.

Feel free to write yourself into our story.

Meet the team

Chris Banks

CEO and founder of ProWritingAid

Chris has a passion for technology and metaphors. In his varied career, he’s built neural networks to model language learning, worked on the BBC’s scriptwriting product, written books (too boring to mention), been a ski guide, and given talks on creativity, artificial intelligence, and language technologies. He started ProWritingAid to help with his own writing, but he soon saw how useful it was for everyone else. Now, he wants to help more people put their ideas into words and those words into the hands (and hearts) of readers. When not at his desk, Chris is most likely to be found on the tennis court or up a mountain.

Chris Dinsmore

CTO of ProWritingAid

Chris likes climbing, coding, and coffee – and even the occasional alliteration. With over 10 years’ experience of architecting complex and performant IT systems in retail and finance, he's the heart that keeps ProWritingAid living and the brain that’s keeping us growing. Chris has definitely got his hands full making sure that the hundreds of thousands of users of ProWritingAid get their reports, but luckily he’s got an awesome team of coding ninjas and testing rockstars working for him to make him look good.

Lisa Lepki

Head of Marketing and Editor of the ProWritingAid Blog

Lisa is a serious word nerd moonlighting as our marketing guru and editor of the ProWritingAid blog. With over 15 years’ experience in writing, marketing, PR, and producing, she secretly loves the technical elements of writing more than the writing itself (although she won’t admit it). Lisa is the co-author of The Novel-Writing Training Plan and 20 Editing Tips from Professional Writers, and is currently working on her first novel. Her writing can also be found on Writer’s Digest, bookbaby.com, The Write Life, and DIYAuthor.

Tom Wilde

Head of Client Solutions

Tom really likes taking people for lunch, under the pretence of helping clients to solve their problems. He spent 12 years growing a leading business-writing training company before he realised that he could help even more people here at ProWritingAid. Having developed writing courses for clients ranging from global consultancies to local governments, he really has an answer for everything; we suspect he gets his kids to quiz him at breakfast.

Out of work, Tom's usually found in the water, on his bike or trying to grow an eclectic range of vegetables – which, of course, he likes to serve his family during the breakfast quiz.