ProWritingAid Everywhere "Beta" for Mac

The power of ProWritingAid, now everywhere you write

Get writing suggestions in all your favorite Mac apps like Apple Mail, Word, Pages, Evernote, LibreOffice Writer, Slack, Scrivener, and WhatsApp.

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I am continually impressed with the positive input this program offers me every time I sit down to write. My skills have improved immensely since I bought it and heartily recommend it to anyone who wants to have more confidence in their own writing.

I’ve tried every free and paid writing/editing/grammar extension out there and this by far is the best one my team and I have found. It’s fast, accurate and really helps improve your writing beyond simple grammar suggestions.

ProWritingAid has been a resource in my writer toolkit for many years. The program helps me to craft and clarify my stories for a better reader experience. Your editor will thank you for making their job easier.

All the features you love, available everywhere you write

Real-time writing suggestions

Whether you’re writing a quick email or editing your next big presentation, our real-time AI suggestions give you a second set of editing eyes, anytime.

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Connect with your audience with confidence

Keep your readers hanging on your every word. Get paragraph-level readability reports, clarity suggestions, and jargon reductions to make sure every document is an engaging read.

Find the best way to say it, every time

With our smart AI paraphrase tool and in-depth word explorer, the right words are always right at your fingertips.


Works wherever you do

Get writing suggestions across all the apps you use, whether they’re on the desktop or online.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install ProWritingAid Everywhere on my computer?

  1. Download the ProWritingAid Everywhere file (.dmg) and double click it to start the installer.

  2. Follow the installation prompts.

  3. Open ProWritingAid (By clicking Applications -> ProWritingAid Everywhere)

  4. Start writing in your favorite app and you'll see suggestions from ProWritingAid.

What is a "Beta"

A beta version is like an early preview. It is designed to allow customers to see the functionality that is coming and to give us their feedback.

We want you to have your say on how we integrate ProWritingAid into your Mac.

How do I control where ProWritingAid Everywhere works?

  • Hover over the ProWritingAid icon in the bottom-right corner of your app's text area, you will see a power button. To turn ProWritingAid off in that app, click the power button.

  • You can turn an app back on in the ProWritingAid Everywhere settings.

What version of Mac does ProWritingAid Everywhere work on?

  • Because ProWritingAid Everywhere uses features of the latest Mac Operating Systems to work, you need to be running at least macOS 10.14 or newer.

  • Please check your version of macOS before installing. From the Apple menu in the corner of your screen, choose About This Mac. You should see the macOS name, such as macOS Ventura or macOS Monterey, followed by its version number.

What apps will ProWritingAid be available in?

ProWritingAid will appear in many apps on your Mac. These include: Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, Evernote, LibreOffice Writer, Scrivener, Slack, and WhatsApp.

Apple Pages is only supported on macOS 12.2 or newer.

Are there limitations?

Yes. Some apps don't have full support yet. Some applications don't have any support at all. Others, such as Microsoft Word, only support checking text in the currently visible window. We're working to improve this currently.

Apple Pages is only supported on macOS 12.2 or newer. This is because the accessibility access that we use only became available in some Apple components in the version.

Where we can, we're working with the publishers of partially supported apps to improve support.

How do I disable ProWritingAid in specific apps?

If you hover over the ProWritingAid icon in the bottom-right corner of your app's text area, you will see a power button. To turn ProWritingAid off in that app, click the power button.

How do I re-enable ProWritingAid in an app?

  1. You'll find the ProWritingAid icon in the Mac menu bar near the WiFi indicator. If you right-click on that, you will see a menu.

  2. Choose the "Settings" option to open the settings window.

  3. You will see the apps you blocked and have the option to re-enable them.

How do I uninstall ProWritingAid Everywhere on my computer?

  1. Go to Applications in Finder.

  2. Locate the ProWritingAid Everywhere app icon

  3. Drag the app to the Bin, or select the app and choose File > Move to Bin.