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Poor writing shouldn’t hold your team back. Give them the tools to perfect their documents and gain pro-level confidence in just a few clicks.

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Make anyone a great writer, fast

Improve your team’s writing without taking time out of their packed schedules for training.

Cure your team’s TL;DR syndrome

Tired of long, meandering documents that could have been a paragraph or two? With ProWritingAid’s readability checks, clarity improvements, and in-app learning, your team can do more than get corrections. They can learn better writing habits.

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Keep your team on the same page

Your company style guide shouldn’t be gathering dust in a drawer or on a hard drive. Transfer it to custom rules, and let ProWritingAid correct your team members automatically while they’re writing.

Track your team’s progress

No more questions on how much ROI better writing brings in. Our team analytics dashboard allows you to see how much your team has used ProWritingAid and the time and money savings along with it.

team analytics dashboard

Your writing is always secure

With ProWritingAid, your team owns your writing. We never use your data to train our AI and don't store your writing on our servers.

Secured by Microsoft Azure

ProWritingAid partners with Microsoft Azure on US servers so you know exactly where your data is processed.

TLS 1.2 Encryption + GDPR Compliant

We comply with top privacy protocols and use the same 256-bit encryption as banks to safeguard your writing.

DPA and SSO Enterprise Options

For enterprise customers, we offer data processing agreements as well as SSO logins and access control.

See how ProWritingAid helps business professionals write better, faster

I've tried every free and paid writing/editing/grammar extension out there, and this is by far the best one my team and I have found. It's fast, accurate, and really helps improve your writing beyond simple grammar suggestions.

I used to use Grammarly, and I was unable to add it to my work laptop due to security concerns. I have been using ProWritingAid for a week now, and I like it better! :)

I use ProWritingAid every day as I create content for my B2B clients. Been relying on the program for about 3 years. The software has helped me improve my writing.

Boost your team's writing with these features

Rephrase Tool

Write smarter sentences with help from AI.

Readability Report

Make every document a breeze to read.


Receive instant feedback on how your team can improve.

Works wherever you do

We seamlessly integrate across all the apps you use, whether they’re on the desktop or online.

Plans and Pricing

Choose the plan that fits your team's needs.


For growing teams
Price for
$12.00per month / user


per monthbilled annually $720.00
Key features included
  • All integrations
  • 1,000 Term Base Items
  • 1,000 Style Guide Rules
  • Unlimited Rephrases
  • Centralized User Management
  • Team Analytics


Best for large organizations

Create a custom package for your organization

Everything in Teams, plus
  • Premium Account Management
  • Custom Integrations
  • On-Premise Options
  • SSO

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Key features



Security and Privacy

AES-256 and TLS (HTTPS) encryption

Data integrity and confidentiality protected at all stages. No data storage.

Privacy guarantee

ProWritingAid claims no rights to use your writing at any point.

GDPR and HIPAA compliant


Log in using SSO - SAML Single Sign-on.

On-premise hosting options

Configure and deploy ProWritingAid within your data center.


Windows OS / Mac OS

Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox

Benefit from ProWritingAid while using your favorite browser.

Word, Outlook, Google Docs

Seamless integration with leading word processing platforms.

Custom integrations

Work with us to customize ProWritingAid to meet your requirements.


Team user management

Add or remove users as your team grows.

Team analytics

Review usage frequency across your team of users.

Style guide rules

Create custom rules and ensure consistency across a team.



Term base items

Upload your term base to allow preferred terms and highlight deprecated terms.



In-app learning

Editing suggestions include contextual learning information. Quizzes and videos reinforce learning.

Weekly activity report

A weekly personalized report helps you track your progress and achievements.

Unlimited word count

No limit to the size of document you can check.


Help desk support

Dedicated support team provides personal support.

Premium account management

Individual account manager to help onboard and support your team.